Standing up and Sitting down (FD + 31)

We are encouraged not to “blur” at Cardiac Rehabilitation as it can result in over-exertion

It turns out that standing up and sitting down on a chair repeatedly over even a relatively short period of time can be tiring.

Yesterday turned out to be a an introduction and assessment day at Cardiac Rehabilitation.  A bit of an anti-climax to be honest, but not a disaster.  The “proper” sessions started this morning.

So… I discovered that walking on a treadmill is fine, cycling on an exercise bike is a breeze, cross-trainer (minus arms) is comfortable, but standing up and sitting down (poor man’s squats, I guess) hurt.  Not a scary, Cardiac Rehab, “somebody get a doctor” kind of hurt, but my legs clearly weren’t used to that kind of exertion.  They hurt then and ache now.

[Try it yourself.  Sit on a normal dining-type chair and stand upright, sit and stand, sit and stand.  Repeat continuously for 3 minutes.  If you struggle, perhaps you need to get some more exercise too!]

It was a different exercise experience for me.  I guess I’m starting from a different place.  I’m not just a little bit unfit.  I have had a Heart Attack.  I don’t really want another one.  So this needs to be about taking the exercise seriously, but not doing too much serious exercise:  Warm up.  Work out (moderate exertion).  Cool down.  And relax.

I now have a maximum Heart Rate.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had one before.  If I have, I’ve certainly never owned a device to monitor it.  I do now. I’ve got a shiny new watch that tells me everything I need to know (unfortunately only while exercising).  My magic number is 118! [220 minus 42 (age) minus 30 (drug factor) multiplied by 80% if you’re interested.]

I tend to keep my shirt on… it reduces stress all round!

I was the only person with a (personal) heart monitoring device (no-one commented, but I did get a few looks).  Everyone else relied on the kit provided – which involved a single measure mid-way through the exercise programme.  I guess there’s a risk that I take this a bit too seriously, but I don’t think it’s over the top to want to know if you’re approaching your maximum heart rate, is it? (I maxed out at 112 bpm, incidentally).

Anyway, 1 session and 715 calories down…
15 and lots more to go!

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