Just another week… (FD +33)

So, the end of “just another week”… back to work and starting Cardiac Rehabilitation.  Fortunately both  events were tailored to the needs of a survivor of a recent Heart Attack… gentle introductions with lots of attentive people looking out for me.

I’m lucky enough to work with people who care enough to take my recent escapade into consideration.  I have been largely protected from any noise that arose during my recuperation, and much of my week was spent within the confines of a “stress free” protection zone.  A disproportionately high number of discussions ended with the words “…but you don’t need to worry about that.”

I was very much a part-timer this week – following the instructions of my various advisors (including trying to “listen to my body”).  As the days go by, I’m able to do more.  Go longer between rests.  Recover more quickly.  Slowly returning to some sort of “normality” to return.

Over time things will definitely return to normal…  I’ve already noticed myself “rushing” around, and getting unnecessarily frustrated when dealing with morons / imbeciles / idiots*.  The difference at the moment is that I’m more aware of these occurrences.

Ultimately, my health is my personal responsibility.  I need to learn how to deal with these situations in a reasonable fashion.  If my plan is to rely on people protecting me from morons / imbeciles / idiots* and the stresses of the world I’m going to have to live a very sheltered life!!!

* Delete as applicable.

2 thoughts on “Just another week… (FD +33)

  1. Philip Squire

    I can’t speak for the imbeciles or the morons, but on behalf of the idiots, I think you definitely need to learn to love us 🙂
    Philip X



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