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Out and about

It was another cracking morning in the North East of Scotland this morning.  I marked it with my latest venture out on the bike.  It’s the second weekend I’ve been out early, not quite the crack of dawn, but certainly a good start to the day.  It’s definitely a routine to get into!

Beautiful Morning

A cracking morning to be out on the bike!

As a result of my recent “Sore Leg” post, I have received some guidance that the reason my legs have been hurting is because the cleats on my shoes were slightly at the wrong angle.  Having made some subtle adjustments to my shoes, it felt much more comfortable.  Hopefully problem solved… it’s good to share your woes!

This morning’s ride was the longest continuous effort I’ve put in since my Heart Attack.  We went at a steady rate and kept going.  We covered about 16.5 miles in just over an hour (including spending some time trying to correct a mechanical “knocking” sound that turned out to be the lid of my water bottle rattling against the frame!!).  It didn’t feel fast, but it felt quite tough.

Morning Ride

The first of many loops around Westhill – slightly more undulating than the Turbo Trainer!

I do have to remind myself that I’m recovering from a Heart Attack, and back this up with frequent checks of the Heart Monitor.  I am however also making up for about 20 years of physical neglect, so my of my body is at the limit, not just my heart!

It really is great to be out and about though.  It gives me confidence that I’m making good progress.  I’m just about to enter my last week of Cardiac Rehabilitation, so it’s a good time to start to (slowly) push the boundaries!

Don’t start the day in a rush!

Wake up! Wake up! Get a move on!

Before I had my Heart Attack my day started in a rush.  My goal was to get to work as quickly as possible.  Time was money.  Every second counted.

I didn’t do breakfast.

I’d grab a coffee (and “back in the day”, a cigarette) as a “wake me up” when I arrived at the office.

I realise now that this set the rhythm of my day.  I was rushing from the minute the alarm went off.  This typically lasted until I’d finished work, usually a couple of hours after arriving home.


A healthy and happy start to the day!

I now have a new routine, enforced by the need to take my morning medication.  After that, I sit and eat.  I don’t eat anything special, fruit, yoghurt, wholemeal toast, cereal, etc. but it really sets me up for the day.  The time I take to sit and eat, just a few minutes, allows me to gather my thoughts, helping establish a more sustainable rhythm for the day.

A recent study published American Heart Association journal emphasises the importance of a healthy start to the day.  Men who reported missing breakfast had a 27 per cent higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease than those who reported eating a morning meal.  (Click on the picture below to read more).

Breakfast, but not the healthiest option!

The best time of the day…

This morning was one of those mornings…

We seem to have had more “summer” since I’ve been off work than we had in the past couple of years.  It’s very unusual on the East Coast of Scotland, but there have been several mornings when you wake up and you know it’s good to be a beautiful day.  All day.  Usually you wouldn’t bet on the weather in 15 minutes time!  This morning was one of those mornings.

Despite having had so much rest, my sleep pattern doesn’t seem to have been too disrupted over the past few weeks – good news for next week (returning to work) as waking up shouldn’t be too much of a shock!

Anyway, I was awake before the sun had done much damage.  A light fog had been laid down over night, almost as if an alien space craft had cruised through the mountains leaving a vapour trail as it went.

Cloud in Valley

Alien vapour trail through the mountains

Everything had been touched by it.  Damp.  Glistening.


The spiders had been hard at work!

Even Geoffrey was out and about (I hadn’t seen him for a couple of days)… clearly the best time of the day!


I think we’re off to the beach for a picnic.  🙂