My poor old legs

I feel a little sorry for my legs.

After years of neglect, I have asked quite a lot of them recently.


My legs have been abused, but not this badly!!!

My legs had little, if anything, to do with my Heart Attack but they’ve been required to play quite a significant role in my road to recovery.  Walking, cycling, cross-trainer… I would have struggled to get this far through my recovery without them!

They have had little in the way of assistance.  Other than the occasional stretch, they’ve been left to their own devices.  Conversely, my Heart has had the assistance of lots and lots of drugs to help it recover, to make it more efficient, to help it out.  My legs have had none.

Over the past couple of weeks my legs have started to fight back.  Little niggles have made getting moving in the morning a slow process.  Aches and pains have come and gone.  Nothing bad enough to stop me from exercising, but sore enough to be a constant reminder.

I’m going to need to cajole my legs into coming along for the ride (quite literally!).  They continue to have an important part to play in my on-going recovery.  Hopefully the niggles will recede in time.  I certainly won’t be taking them for granted again!

4 thoughts on “My poor old legs

    1. Paul Squire Post author

      Thanks Erin!

      I have to admit I’m not much of a swimmer. I am planning on taking swimming lessons over the winter to improve my strokes.

      I can swim, but not well. At the moment I’d be more concerned of raising my heart rate through anxiety rather than physical exercise.

      I’ll let you know how I get on once I start.



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  2. Paul Squire Post author

    I got some “offline” advice on this… I have now adjusted the angle of the cleats on my cycling shoes. It seems to have made a big difference in terms of where the stresses and strains are created on my legs. I feel much better after cycling today – hopefully the adjustments have done the trick!



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