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Long Day (FD +0)

Sunday was a day of shock and discomfort.  My first experience of hospitalisation.  Given my extensive experience of “House” I was hoping I was well prepared.

I was rigged up to a heart monitor and therefore unable to leave my bed.  Every movement, every distraction effected my heartbeat… 80, 75, 90, 100…  I became keenly aware of it, resting with one eye open to check the positive impact on the rate.  A single palpitation sent it shooting up… alarms and flashing red lights brought the doctors running to my side… it quickly reverted back to normal… to be expected apparently.

Tired.  Not the best night’s sleep.

Not feeling great.  Silly to say perhaps given I’d just had a heart attack, but it felt like I’d been beaten up from the inside… a gentle / moderate ache I guess (still not good at translating to a pain scale of 1 to 10), but certainly not comfortable.  Again, to be expected.

My head was spinning.  So many thoughts running through my head… I was certainly not in control.  I had no real idea about what the future might hold.  Louise was there to support me, but equally, if not more, in a spin.

The nurses were fantastic, seen it all before, able to answer my questions and provide comparisons.  For them it was a normal day.  I’m glad it was for someone!

Don’t think about work.  Relax.  Take it easy. 

I couldn’t stop thinking about work.

I could only hope that a couple of hours of Champions Trophy Cricket and the US Open Golf would help me to chill out.  Fingers crossed!