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Changing Rooms (FD +1)

My time was up!  I was freed from the heart monitor.  Able to make my own way to the bathroom.  To lie on my side.  To move without getting tangled.  Result!

This also meant it was time to move to the Cardiac Ward, a more general ward for heart patients (consider it “Business Class” in comparison to the “First Class” CCU).  I had only been in hospital for 36 hours, but I had got comfortable with my surroundings, the nurses, the comings and goings.

The move up one floor felt like a big deal.  Practically, it just meant that I had less pillows (I’m sure I could have asked for more) and that I had to pay for my TV*, but psychologically it meant more.  Change is difficult!

Despite this, I still knew I was lucky.  I was becoming increasingly aware that I was in better shape than most people on the ward.  There were few physical signs of my condition, and I was feeling better all the time.  I was beginning to feel a little bit of a fraud.

TV* I say “Pay for the TV” however the Trust were kind enough to provide it free between 10-2 every day.  It says it’s for a limited period, but in my opinion, removal of this basic human right could cause unrest… all those quality programmes that would be denied to the residents!