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Stress, noun
1.  Pressure or tension exerted on a material object:
2.  A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances:
3.  particular emphasis or importance

A typical Cardiac Rehabilitation Relaxation session

At the end of each Cardiac Rehabilitation session, we have 30 minutes of “relaxation”; gentle music, overlaid with softly spoken instructions to focus on eliminating tension from different parts of the body (“now we’ll focus on our thighs…”), breathing deeply and generally chilling out.

It feels good, indulgent.  It rounds off the Rehab session before heading out into the big wide world.

According to Wikipedia; “the body’s way to respond to stress is by sympathetic nervous system activation which results in the fight-or-flight response”

I’m not entirely sure where lying down with your eyes closed, chillaxing fits in to this evolutionary response – I’m sure it will become clear in time, but we haven’t done our “Stress Management” education session yet!  (It was actually supposed to be last week, but it got switched with “Medication” at the last minute!)

I guess that we are made to deal with our challenges face on, or to turn tail and run away!  Biologically, we’re not made to dwell some things too much.  Relaxation is a good way of re-establishing a sense of calm and stability after doing what you need to do.

The bottom line is, we all face stressful situations of differing degrees every day.  They cannot be avoided.  Even locking yourself away can be stressful for most of us (“What’s going on outside?”)

untitled (20)Which brings me to my stress of the week…

We recently received a Planning Permission notice for a house to be built at the top of our garden.  Seven houses in total, in two plots, but it’s the one that will overlook our house, replacing a nice wooded area that I’m concerned about.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that will allow the development to proceed without giving us too much cause for concern.

Unfortunately, the people that have applied for the Planning permission seem to think it’s OK to ignore us, and have been doing so for several years!

It’s very frustrating!

I find I need to think relaxed, warm, calming thoughts each time the potential development enters my mind…  slow, deep breaths…  “You are feeling relaxed”.

We will fight.  There is a course of action we can follow.

I will practice my relaxation, and hope they have a section on “responding to unwanted planning applications” as part of the “Stress Management” session when it’s eventually held!

Rude awakening (FD +21)

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Things to do at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning #23 The Petrol Strimmer

Who in their right minds thinks that using an petrol-powered garden strimmer at 07:30 on a Sunday morning is a reasonable thing to do?  If it were me, I would feel selfish, guilty, self-conscious every time I pulled the trigger… irrespective of whether I wanted to get it done so I could watch the  tennis this afternoon, or take little Jonny to his football match, etc.

Anyway, one of our delightful neighbours clearly doesn’t have the same hang-ups as me.
[I think we will come back to this is the future as I tend to feel guilty or responsible for a lot of things I shouldn’t, thus adding to the stress in my (former) life]

In our house, we tend to have special sensory powers – each of us has been given a “gift” that makes us super-sensitive to a specific sense.  Louise has a “super” sense of smell.  For me, it’s my hearing.  Noise does my nut!  I’m not super-sensitive in that I can’t handle loud sounds, but I start to struggle with multiple concurrent sounds and, if you couldn’t guess, inappropriate noises when I’m trying to sleep!

I suspect I’ll discover the guilty party when I’m on my morning walk.  When I’ll do, I’ll look in an extremely disapproving, but unobtrusive way to register our disgust.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the neighbours that have recently applied for planning permission.  I was going to let my opportunity to review their plans slide as they’re unlikely to impact us in any way, but perhaps I should re-consider.  perhaps they are planning a Bell Tower, or converting their garden into a Chicken Farm with a Cock to welcome each morning… both would seem strangely apt, and certainly par for the course!!!

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A Cock