Rude awakening (FD +21)

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Things to do at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning #23 The Petrol Strimmer

Who in their right minds thinks that using an petrol-powered garden strimmer at 07:30 on a Sunday morning is a reasonable thing to do?  If it were me, I would feel selfish, guilty, self-conscious every time I pulled the trigger… irrespective of whether I wanted to get it done so I could watch the  tennis this afternoon, or take little Jonny to his football match, etc.

Anyway, one of our delightful neighbours clearly doesn’t have the same hang-ups as me.
[I think we will come back to this is the future as I tend to feel guilty or responsible for a lot of things I shouldn’t, thus adding to the stress in my (former) life]

In our house, we tend to have special sensory powers – each of us has been given a “gift” that makes us super-sensitive to a specific sense.  Louise has a “super” sense of smell.  For me, it’s my hearing.  Noise does my nut!  I’m not super-sensitive in that I can’t handle loud sounds, but I start to struggle with multiple concurrent sounds and, if you couldn’t guess, inappropriate noises when I’m trying to sleep!

I suspect I’ll discover the guilty party when I’m on my morning walk.  When I’ll do, I’ll look in an extremely disapproving, but unobtrusive way to register our disgust.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s the neighbours that have recently applied for planning permission.  I was going to let my opportunity to review their plans slide as they’re unlikely to impact us in any way, but perhaps I should re-consider.  perhaps they are planning a Bell Tower, or converting their garden into a Chicken Farm with a Cock to welcome each morning… both would seem strangely apt, and certainly par for the course!!!

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A Cock

2 thoughts on “Rude awakening (FD +21)

  1. Laura Stock

    Intrigued to know what else “came up” when you typed “a cock” into google images this morning…



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