10 thoughts on “Before & After (10 Weeks of Healthy Living)

    1. Paul Squire Post author

      I had to think about this for a while… am I enjoying the new regime? Good question!

      On reflection, I would describe it like moving to a new country. New and exciting. A step forward. The right thing to do. However, there are aspects of my “old” life that I miss from time to time (salt and vinegar on a big juicy chip, for example) 🙂


  1. Philip Squire

    Time to re-launch the modelling career maybe?! I’m not sure I’m following the story…are we saying heart attacks are good for you?


    1. Paul Squire Post author

      You’ve got me confused now!

      I think, on balance, I would recommend avoiding a Heart Attack. Sadly for me it was what was required to get my a@#e off the sofa and do some exercise.

      Exercise is good for you. The right sort of exercise is good for your heart! Being a sedentary, over weight lump is not (in my experience anyway!).



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