Trust me, I’m a doctor

I’m used to being in control, knowing what’s going on. From time to time I might even consider myself an “expert”. Since my heart attack things have been different.

Since the moment the paramedics stepped into my life, I’ve had to sit back, keep quiet and let the professionals do their jobs.

In today’s connected world, it’s very easy to go online to try to be one step ahead, or to second guess every decision that’s made: What does that mean? Why are you doing that? Why aren’t you doing this? Why that medication? In tests, this one scored better. etc. etc.

Doogie HowserThere is a school of thought that you should understand absolutely everything that is happening, it is your body after all. From my perspective, even if I wanted to I couldn’t understand absolutely everything – you can’t short-cut the years of training (theoretical and practical) that go into qualifying as a medical professional (unless you’re Doogie Howser, M.D. of course!). That means it comes down to degrees of understanding.

I understand the basics of my situation and my role in the recovery, recuperation and rehabilitation, but I’ve chosen to trust the professionals to make the difficult decisions and do their jobs well. With trust comes responsibility… so far, so good!

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