Fifty shades of grey

Physical EvidenceExternally, there is limited physical evidence of anything out of the ordinary.  I’ve been lucky to avoid invasive surgery, saved from the tell-tale scarring.  For me, the signs are limited to a small “nick” and some bruising around the catheter site.  Amazing really!

Inflicting further damage on the catheter site would not be a good move – apply pressure and call an ambulance – so we’ll try to avoid that!

My face gives me away though.  “Over-doing it” turns it grey, pallid.  There’s no hiding it.  Unfortunately it doesn’t take much to at the moment.  Still, some R&R and gentle exercise should get me back in shape in no time.

The bruising on my arm is a good reminder for me.  If my wrist is still bruised, I guess my heart, artery, etc. are also still recovering.  It’ll just take time.  The worst thing I can do is push it too hard, too soon.  The marathon training will have to wait till next week (again!).

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