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Habits: Past and Future

Coffee & Cigarette

Breakfast in a previous life

In the [I want to day “good” here, but I’m not sure that’s appropriate] old days, my day used to start with a nice strong coffee; black, extra shot, a little hot water, brown sugar.

Before that, the coffee would be accompanied by a cigarette… drive to the office, coffee, cigarette. An unrushed, gentle introduction to the day. Wonderful!

How come bad habits are so easy to get into? Is it as simple as the fact that being naughty and getting away with it makes you feel good? I guess I got away with it… up to a point!

Over the recent past I’ve broken lots of bad habits:

  • I stopped Smoking about 9 months ago. Mentally I was done with it (“for the time being”), now I’m just done with it.
  • I haven’t had a drink since before the heart attack. I guess Red Wine should be my drink of choice now but to be honest I don’t like it that much. If I were to have a drink, I would do so in moderation, of course, sticking to guidelines on safe limits.
  • I’m now drinking decaf… coffee, tea, coke (if I had drunk any… so far my carbonated treats have been limited to an Appetiser… and very nice it was too!).
  • I have always had a penchant for nibbles… eclectic mixes of savoury treats to “fill a little hole”… crisps, nuts, pretzels, nachos… the more the merrier!  These have been replaced by a nice healthy piece of fruit, or some crudités.

I know one drink, or a cup of ‘proper’ coffee are not going to kill me (more accurately, based on recent experience, are unlikely to kill me!).  I know moderation is the key…. “give yourself a break from time to time”. The problem is that I’m not good at moderation.

I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of guy.

[I think this means that “I am an all or nothing kind of guy” but I guess that’s something that may potentially change too… we’ll see!]

I recognise that breaking bad habits is only half of the equation. I need to find myself some good habits to fill the gaps.  At the moment I’m “sick”…

Concerned friend / acquaintance:  “Hi, how are you?”
P:  “I’m fine, thanks.”
Concerned friend / acquaintance:  “No you’re not, you’ve just had a heart attack.”
P:  “OK, I’m fine… considering.”

This situation will end. Eventually I will be “Fine, thanks.” At that point in time I need to have some good habits up my sleeve to fall into. I think it’s important that they are my habits.  I find it’s much easier to get into your own habits rather than those that others would like to push onto you. Call me selfish, but for me habits are personal!

I’m looking forward to exploring the options of habits for the future.  What will be my drink of choice?  Perhaps I’ll end up being the annoying guest that always wants something different to drink (always something different to what there is in the house!).

About 15 years ago I went through a (short) period of loving spicy Virgin / Bloody Marys… my mouth is salivating at the thought of one… bring it on!

Virgin Mary