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In the past, filling in forms has been quick straightforward for me:

Q:  Any medical conditions?     A:  No
A:  Are you on any prescription medication?     A:  No

Not any more!

I’ve generally been lucky and flown below the healthcare radar, not worrying medical professionals too much.  Age has crept up on me recently though… reading glasses were the first external sign of wear and tear.  A sign I perhaps should have paid more attention to!


Now things are different.  I have an array of medication that I need to take twice a day, most of them for the rest of my life.

I’ve even invested in one of those handy pill dispensers that you only have to remember to fill up once a week, and it tells you whether you remembered to take your medication.  How times have changed!


The doctors have made it clear that taking the medication is very important.  Not only will it help my recovery, but, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, it will help prevent recurrences.

I really would not have chosen to be in the position I’m in now, but in many ways I’m better off, safer at least, than I was before.