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What (not) to wear

My cycling wardrobe has been heavily influenced by the climate of the North East of Scotland.

To date any outfits have started with a base layer, a long-sleeved, tight fitting “second skin” that provides a last line of defence against anything the elements can throw at me.  I have then added layers for warmth and protection.  Usually many layers.  I’m used to cycling in chilly conditions!

I'm used to the cold, but it's all relative!

I’m used to the cold, but it’s all relative!

This has created a dilemma for me as I set out on the Euro City Cycle:

Before heading out today I need to make a two day wardrobe decision; what to wear over the next 48 hours.  An overnight ferry journey will restrict me to a small overnight bag that I need to pack now (well almost).

To complicate matters, the weather forecast is decidedly mixed.  However, it’s almost guaranteed to be warmer than I’m used to.

Rule #21 states “Cold weather gear is for cold weather.”

I clearly therefore need to dress (and pack) relatively lightly however I recognise I need to be comfortable (and take care of myself!).

The upside is that I may realise my dream to cycle in short sleeves.

A dilemma…

which I’ve spent way too long thinking about (and boring others with) so I’m going to take a punt…  please pray for good weather!