Jersey of the day: Euro City Cycle

For the final day of the Euro City Cycle, it felt appropriate to sport the team colours of the tour.

Euro City Cycle

According to the organisers, Global Adventure Challenges, the Euro City Cycle is…

“An exciting charity cycle combined with breath-taking city sights make this a European charity challenge extravaganza! This superb charity bike ride caters for every level of cyclist.  It takes in the rolling countryside of Essex, the plains of Holland and the sleepy lanes of Belgium.  One of the best cycling challenge experiences in Europe!”

So far we’re about 200 miles into the adventure.  Our itinerary has included:

Day 1 – London to Harwich – ferry to Hook of Holland
Day 2 – Hook of Holland to Amsterdam
Day 3 – Amsterdam to Breda
Day 4 – Breda to Brussels (Today’s challenge)

So far it’s been a blast… and it’s not over yet!

4 thoughts on “Jersey of the day: Euro City Cycle

  1. gill squire

    you’re looking good………trusting everyone else is……..the end is in sight and that you will all cross the finishing line in style!


  2. Philip Squire

    Bet you can almost taste that ice cold beer! It’s behind you (photo). Will be the most well deserved drink in the history of drinks that are very well deserved! Fingers crossed you all make it over the finishing line today.



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