The arrival of Spring?

Having spent many an hour inside on the Turbo Trainer during the Winter, I am now back in the routine of getting outside on my bike.

On Saturday however the elements were against me.  I stayed dry, which was a saving grace, but the wind was brutal.  I got buffeted and battered.  The strong wind even made descending hard work; tough to control my direction and difficult to maintain forward momentum.  It was “fresh” too; cold enough to make one side of my face feel numb, anaesthetised.  Stringing a sentence together was a challenge, the movement of my jaw was restricted, frozen.

As I fought my way around, I started to dream of warmth.  Some sun on my back.  A gentle breeze.  Cycling in shorts.  Ski gloves discarded.  Bare arms.  Summer.

Summer in Scotland. What could possibly go wrong?!

At the time it seemed like a distant dream.  Almost too much to hope for.  However we didn’t have to wait for long…

This afternoon the weather was perfect; clear skies, sun, calmness and warmth.  Not a breath of wind.  Prepared as ever, I was in the office watching the weather enviously.  Having braved the early morning chill for a swim I was in no position to go out on my bike.

A disappointment today, but the dream gets closer all the time.  I can’t remember the last time I looked forward to the Summer this much.  I just hope the Summer decides to visit us in the North of Scotland again this year!  Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “The arrival of Spring?

  1. Eileen O'Farrell

    Well done you, sorry to hear the Alpha Male went a head and left you. That’s not what we do in our running group. Stick together is the motto and rotate leaders and followers. This really improves performance and motivation for all participants.e x


    1. Paul Squire Post author

      Thanks Eileen! I think there’s something “real” about cracking on a climb, although I haven’t seen many Tour de France contenders getting off and walking! I’m sure when it comes to the “Ride the North” we’ll be a single unit and help each other along. For the time being I think we’re all looking for our own “improvements” from our training outings. Fortunately we’re all big boys! 🙂



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