Alternative energy sources

According to my Bike Computer I had a remarkably good session on the Turbo Trainer yesterday.

It was my third day on the bike in succession, so I was expecting to be a little jaded.  This would be compounded by the fact that it was Thursday evening, approaching the end of a long(ish) week.

Not last night I wasn’t!

As it turned out, I covered approximately 10% more distance than I have ever covered before following the same video workout and I didn’t feel like I had worked any harder than usual.

It was out of the norm enough for me to think something was different… the obvious answer is that there was something wrong with the Bike Computer, but in the spirit of positive thinking, let’s consider other options.

Mentally, I was slightly distracted, thinking about the exciting events of the day.  I know it’s good not to obsess about the time or distance, but I can’t imagine that distraction could have make such a significant difference.  After all, I still had to follow the instructions so I can’t have been so “out of it”, could I?

I may just have got stronger and fitter, but it was a huge improvement in just a couple of days, so I think we can rule that out.

Having considered the other potential factors, I can only identify a surprisingly refreshing cup of Lemon and Ginger Tea as the differentiating factor.  If it genuinely did make the difference, I need to get some more!

I’ve never been a fan of herbal teas.  For me they have always lacked body and depth, but this was different.  The fact that it gave me super-human powers was a complete bonus!

I’m not the only one to have discovered the Lemon and Ginger Tea!

Having discovered one alternative energy source, this morning a selection of Sports Nutrition Drinks and Gels arrived.  I’ve never used them before, but they’ll feature in my weekend ride.  I’m hoping they’ll provide an extra boost as the miles start to clock up.  If they’re half as effective as the Herbal Tea I’ll be flying!

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