I’m a Swimmer not a Fighter

… actually I’m not much of a swimmer either, but I’m doing my best!

This morning saw a new low in my battle against all that is frustrating about January.  When I arrived at the pool at around 7 a.m. it was busier than ever.

So it could have been worse!

The Swimming Club were using 4 lanes leaving just 2 for Public use.  Each was packed with people trying desperately to mind their own business and enjoy their morning exercise.  I hesitated before heading into the Changing Room to get ready, but decided that I’d come this far so I may as well make the most of it.

I’m still very much at the “confidence building” stage of learning to swim.  I can make it up and down the pool, but I know I’m not relaxed and recognise that is a major reason why I find each length so exhausting.  I think just spending time in the pool will help, but under the right conditions.  Having other people in close proximity does not help create the right environment.

I’m not sure whether it’s purely the fact of avoiding people that makes me uncomfortable.  I certainly don’t find it easy to time my lengths to prevent me catching up with people in front of me, or holding up people behind me.  I also find it off-putting watching out for people coming in the opposite direction.  All too often I end up snagging on the lane ropes as I try to take up as little space as possible.

Maybe this is the way forward!

I sometimes think it would be easier if I was a fighter.  I could swim over the top of, or around, other people without a care.  As it is, I spend a lot of energy avoiding the worst scenario of all… touching someone!!!

Let’s face it, human kind was not designed to be in such close proximity to so many other “strange” human beings wearing so little.

Perhaps I would benefit from seeing a sports psychologist to get help relaxing under such circumstances?  Maybe my issues are more deeply seated!  For the time being I’ll continue with the good old fashioned British approach… stiff upper lip, look ahead and pretend it’s not happening!

5 thoughts on “I’m a Swimmer not a Fighter

  1. Gareth

    I don’t think anyone really enjoys being in such a packed pool no matter how confident they are in the water; probably the only difference is they deal with it a little better. It’s a tough time of year as the indoor pools and gyms are so busy. It’s a fact that the more time you spend in the water the better and more confident you will become, when it’s busy and slow try to concentrate on your form and technique. The better you get at your stroke the easier you will find it and it will all snowball together, you have it just keep going, be patient and when the numbers start to drop all of the work your doing now will pay off hugely.

    Good luck


    1. Paul Squire Post author

      Thanks for the advice! I’ll definitely hang in there. A length was a struggle for me 6 months ago, so at least I’m making progress. As you say, hopefully it’ll all eventually “click”!


  2. Loads of Things

    I was toying with the idea of starting swimming again as part of my Triathlon training, reading this put me off starting until next week!


    1. Paul Squire Post author

      Sorry, that really wasn’t the intention at all! I’m sure there are good times / places to swim, I just haven’t found them yet. Good luck with the training!



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