Seeing the light

My swimming kit is simple (isn’t everyones?): Trunks, Goggles.

I upgraded my trunks some time ago. Since I started swimming seriously regularly I decided that beach shorts probably weren’t performance enhancing… they were literally a drag.  As I lost weight, they became a liability… literally a threat to common decency!

So I upgraded to something a bit sportier and a bit snugger. Job done!

My goggles were fine. I acquired them while we were in the Middle East. I remember being presented with a very limited selection at the local sports shop and selecting the best of a bad lot.  They had orange lenses.  I presumed they were light enhancing, but in reality they were just orange.

These aren’t an exact match, but you get the idea!

On Sunday I discovered my goggles were missing.  I had obviously left them in the changing room.  Being such a fine pair, I assume they had been “re-homed” rather than being handed in to lost property. Of course, their new home could be a rubbish dump!

Last night was my first outing with my new goggles.  I had gone for a simple pair with clear lenses.  When I tried them on, I discovered the lenses were slightly larger than I’m used to.  They looked a bit like googles goggles that you’d wear if you were Wing-Walking, or Driving a Vintage Car.  However, they looked like they’d do the trick.

My new goggles look like they could be multi-purpose!

When I got in the pool… WOW!!!  What a difference they made!

It seems fairly obvious in retrospect, but I had no idea how different the under-water experience would be with clear lenses.  There was light!!! I could see!!! (Actually I could see a little more than is required for an enjoyable swim!).

The environment was exactly the same as I’d experienced in the past, but the way I engaged with it completely changed that experience.  It was a real eye-opener!

I appreciate that in itself this is not a life changer… but it’s got me thinking about whether there are other things I do that could be similarly enhanced by small, simple changes.  I’ve got my eyes peeled!

2 thoughts on “Seeing the light

  1. Philip Squire

    Food for thought! We have an initiative at work called ‘simplification’, which is largely about small changes making a big difference. Changing your goggles and the resulting improvement in visibility would have won you simplification hero status, no doubt, although in your example it was a lack of controls leading to the loss in the first place, so once again, the message isn’t entirely clear.

    On a separate note, my keen (pedantic) eye spotted a spelling error in your post, which made me laugh, because for a long time we had as a (useless) search option after Michelle made the opposite typo to you!


    1. Paul Squire Post author

      Thanks on both fronts! I’m sure you can make up something that will win you hero status… just be selective on the details if they ruin the message! I’ll bear this in mind in future.

      Typo corrected. Can you imagine being able to make a living from people’s typos (! Unbelievable. At first glance, the useless search engine is more useless than the .com version.



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