Little Questions

untitled (64)Life has posed me many new questions over the past seven months.  Despite major “life” events, there been surprisingly few significant questions with real long term implications.

I have discovered that some big decisions are made from a series of small questions that are posed on a frequent basis.  I have to make decisions on what to eat and drink, for example, many times a day.  Decisions like this are easier because some of the big parameters have already been set… low fat, no alcohol, low salt,  no caffeine, low sugar… generally healthy I guess,

The same goes for exercise; I’ve already committed to doing it.  The question of “swim, cycle or gym?” is usually answered well in advance of the actual event.  I know I’m going to push myself, but not too hard.  So it’s all a bit of a “no brainer”.

Today I was posed a new question that I would not possibly have dreamed of before the Heart Attack…

untitled (65)I received a pair of underwater headphones for Christmas.  I’m still struggling to extend my swimming range, and I don’t imagine the ability to listen to music while swimming will help, however I am hoping it will help make the experience of trying more enjoyable.

So to the question… what music is best to swim to?

Today was my first attempt to answer it.  Overall it was a little less successful than I had hoped.  The “lunchtime swim” was a popular event, the pool was very busy.  Organised as ever, I only had time to upload a single album.

In retrospect I could have chosen more wisely… it turns out that some of Eminem’s lyrics are not entirely appropriate for a lunchtime swim in a community pool.  I am a big fan, but there’s definitely a time and a place.  This was neither.

Of course I was the only person that could hear the music but the imagery wasn’t “right” (or even close to being right!).  I found it difficult to look some of my fellow swimmers in the eye, and it’s not acceptable to look at them anywhere else!  As a result, the trial run with the headphones was successful, but it didn’t last long.

imagesUXL0IA3YNext I’m going to try a little Beethoven.  I hoping that if I can get the genre right I’ll take a huge step towards answering the question.

In the mean time, any guidance, advice or recommendations would be much appreciated!

9 thoughts on “Little Questions

  1. Philip Squire

    This is manna from heaven for your number 1 fan……with a little help from Google…..
    1. Swimming – Breathe Owl Breathe
    2. Channel Swimmer – Corbin Murdoch and the Nautical Miles
    3. Front Crawl – Frank Turner
    4. The Swimming Song – Loudon Wainwright III
    5. Nightswimming – REM
    6. Crawled out of the sea – Laura Marling
    7. Channel Swimmer – 10CC
    8. Swim Until You Can’t See Land – Frightened Rabbits
    9. Swimming Lesson – Eels
    10. Swim – Jack’s Mannequin



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