Rain stops play

I am not good at patience.

An all too familiar scene!

I have always known that there are some professions that just aren’t for me.  I would struggle to be a Cricket Umpire, for example, not only because my eye-sight is rubbish, and getting worse, but because I would find it impossible to make decisions on when to stop / start playing because of weather… with me in charge, bad light would not be a factor, and only the heaviest of downpours would warrant a break for rain.

I remember being at school and looking out of the window, hoping and praying that the weather would improve so that we could compete in whichever sport was lined up for that afternoon / evening.  Whether it was the frost releasing its hold on the Rugby pitch, or the clouds dissipating so we could do athletics, there would often be doubt, and all too often, disappointment.

How the America’s Cup Race Director was able to make the calls he did is beyond me… wind too strong, wind too weak, wind in the wrong direction, even a perfectly reasonable race taking too long.  I know he had strict rules that he was enforcing, but they didn’t always feel like they were in the spirit of the event, particularly for the spectators.

For me, if there are two teams present and ready to compete, that’s exactly what they should do!

This would be a handy device for today’s conditions!  Unfortunately I didn’t pack mine!

Today is one of those “rain stops play” days.  A storm has blown in from Africa and thrown a spanner in the works of the resort we’re in.  Water sports have been suspended.  Even the cycling has been abandoned due to risk of being blown off or being struck by lightning.  To be fair, the weather is fairly severe; strong, gusty winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning.  Safety first!

Today is therefore going to be a different day.  All activities have been moved inside.  There is significant competition for stations in the gym and in the indoor pool.  There seem to be groups of children in every nook and cranny around the hotel.  Everyone seems to be having fun!

I need to take a deep breath, wait patiently for my opportunity to do some exercise…

Wait a moment… it looks like there’s a break in the clouds… maybe, just maybe, I can get out for a ride, even if it is a quick one!!!

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