Candy Crushed

I’d describe myself over the past few days as being “Candy Crushed”.  After a hectic and highly enjoyable weekend I’ve been wiped out over the past couple of days.  Not ill as such, but  under the weather.

images (6)I went on the bike on Monday and really struggled.  It may be partly due to the calibration of the Turbo Trainer, or a hangover from the weekend (figurative only!), but I could only manage a short session, and much lighter than I’ve been doing.  (I’m sure you’ll all be glad that I listened to my body and have been taking it easy!)

It turns out that people at work have been feeling similar.  Not ill but worn out.  Some of their symptoms match how I tend to feel on a day to day basis – a little light headed and slightly out of it (Welcome to my world!).  They’ve also experienced a sore throat and other symptoms which I won’t go into.  So I’ve maybe got off lightly!

It’s the first time I’ve felt ill since I was ill, so it’s all been a bit strange.  The immediate reaction is to worry that everything’s heart related… Had I made a mistake with my medication?  Surely I hadn’t overdone it at the weekend!  Is there something new wrong with me?  etc. etc.   Even if it’s not my heart, it must figure in the equation somewhere.  I guess it’s all part of the rehabilitation process.  Part of living.

Anyway, I’ve been taking it easy.  I’ve had a few days rest from the bike and I’m starting to feel a bit stronger again.

untitled (35)In my downtime, Daughter No. 2 introduced me to Candy Crush for the first time.  If you’ve not seen it, it’s a highly addictive electronic game (or Phone App), a little Solitaire on Steroids.  The kind of game that I personally find hard to put down once I’ve picked it up.  So, I’ve spent the past few evenings feeling a little sorry for myself, immersed in a fantasy land of exploding Candy (Sweets).

I’m sure I’m very late to the party, but it doesn’t look like I’m the only one… see “Candy Crush Is like Crack”.

I can’t wait until I can get back onto the bike properly and focus my energy on something a bit more constructive!  Happy days!

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