Mr Grumpy

People keep asking me:

“Are you alright?”
“Yes, I’m fine.  Why?”
“You just look unhappy.”

As any amateur psychologist knows, being told you look miserable is not great for morale!

Mr Grumpy… smiling inside!

It’s got me thinking… am I less happy now than I used to be?  Am I indeed miserable?

Having reflected on these important questions, I’ve concluded that no, I’m not unhappy.  Neither am I less happy than I was before my Heart Attack.  So what’s causing the perception of misery?

I can only conclude that the default expression on my face must have changed…  Perhaps my additional chins used to force my mouth upwards into a fake smile.  Maybe the unhealthy me gave off an unnaturally positive glow.  Who knows!

Under normal circumstances, I’d prescribe happy pills to cheer me up (or a stiff gin perhaps!), but I’ll have to focus on happy thoughts and make an extra special effort to be Mr Happy!

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