Welcome to the club!

I had always thought that everyone was well, that we were still too young to need to deal with any of the “age” issues that impact older generations, or “other” people.  From time to time, I have been aware of people being ill, but these have been exceptions.  Exceptions that have fortunately resulted in happy endings (touch wood!).

DaisiesHave I not been paying attention?  Not been listening?  Been living in denial?  Or perhaps people have been keeping secrets, sharing bad news on a need to know basis.  Anyway, now I’ve had a heart attack, it seems that I’ve been welcomed into a new club.  A club of frailty and mortality, of horror stories and near misses, and there are a lot more members than you’d think!

In a way, it’s nice to be accepted.  The shared experiences are positive and reassuring.  Many have walked similar paths before us.  It seems that life has caught up with us while we slept (literally in my case).

I suspect that entry into the club comes with responsibilities.  Responsibilities that I will only understand in time.

Prevention is obviously the way forward.  There are plenty of clubs for that out there already… Health Clubs, Sports Clubs, etc.  Hopefully by actively participating in those, and looking after yourself, you will be able to postpone joining our new club for a long time… fingers crossed!

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