Settling In (FD +1)

I awoke early having slept OK.  Feeling a bit better.  Things seem to be settling down following the procedure.  My insides feeling more normal.

I had a headache though… dehydration?  caffeine withdrawal?  medication?  something else?  I’ve always resisted taking painkillers except for the most debilitating of hangovers, but it seems that painkillers are OK and there’s little to gain from “just battling on”.  Fortunately they work.

I’m still rigged up to the heart monitor, so essentially tied to the bed, wires hanging off me feeding the machine that charts every heartbeat.  It’s amazing how quickly you get used to peeing in a cardboard receptacle and engaging in discussions on “output” volumes!

The level of care is fantastic!  Certainly VIP treatment in the CCU.  I think I’m already less of a concern than others…  conversations start to turn to what I might be able to do, and when:  Change wards (possibly today).  Leave hospital (Tuesday or Wednesday), Drive (maybe 1 week, perhaps 4), Back to work (2 weeks, 4, maybe more), holiday (let’s see!).

I really haven’t started to get my head around any long term implications.

Before we can start to plan anything, I still need to have a echocardiogram (echo) to see the extent of the permanent damage to my heart… time is muscle… there is always permanent damage.

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